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New Paris Berelc Site Owner

Posted On: Sep/14/14 | Posted By: | Category: News

Hello Paris Berelc fans,


I’m Alex i’m 24 years old and i love Bradley Steven Perry & Paris berelc. I live in The Neterlands in Europe.

Since 1st of september i’m the owner of this fansite and i hope you guys are going to love the update’s we will do for this fansite.

We also bring the brand New Mighty Med Magazine to this fansite it’s a fanmade magazin made by me and Brenda.

We love Mighty Med since the beginning and were both big fans from paris and Bradley.


For any questions you guys can follow me on twitter as @ASlijters

So much love


Paris Berelc Dolphin Tale 2 Première

Posted On: Sep/14/14 | Posted By: | Category: News

Paris Berelc was going to the Dolphin Tale 2 premiere to support her friend and co actor on Mighty Med Cozi Zuelhsdorff on the red carpet check out the amazing pictures that been taken on that premiere.

Check out what Paris Tweeted:

The sun was so bright… I’m so proud of you Cozi! So beautiful and so talented.

You did amazing, love you❤️ @cozizuehlsdorff


Happy 15th Birthday Paris!

Posted On: Dec/29/13 | Posted By: | Category: News


From the Staff and from all your fans all around the world we wish you a very, very Happy Birthday Miss Paris Berelc!. I hope you have the funnest day ever! Eating sweets and enjoying your time with friends and family. We want to wish you the best and congratulate you for having achieved so much at such a young age!

Also, i have added to the gallery HD captures of Paris in Mighty Med episodes Frighty Med and I, Normo. Make sure to check the new adds out over in the gallery!


Welcome To Paris Berelc Online!

Posted On: Dec/10/13 | Posted By: | Category: News

Hi Guys, my name is Marie and this is my first fansite. I am a huge fan of Paris since Mighty Med premiere! I hope you all enjoy the fansite for all things Paris. Tell your friends to check us out as well!

To Launch the start of the fansite, i have most all pages filled with content (more will come later), and i have started to fill up the gallery. So far i have added pictures of Paris from Public Appearances, Photoshoots, and Mighty Med Episode Stills & Promotional Images. You can click on the links below for those.

Soon I’m going to add to the site a Icon Archive! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@ParisBerelcOrg) and if you have any questions, please, email me @!
NOTE: I’m going to contact with the host to have a domain soon!